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Supertrain's Creators

Supertrain's Directors

Dan Curtis
-Episode One "Express To Terror"
Very well known for both television and theatrical productions, Curtis directs the first episode of "Supertrain" and his production company produces the series' first five shows.
Rod Amateau
-Episode Two "And A Cup Of Kindness, Too"
The director of the second episode in the series, Rod Amateau, has numerous credits in both TV and film.  Mr. Amateau directed the 1976 film "Drive-In" and the 1987 "Garbage Pail Kids Movie."  Television credits include directing episodes of "Gilligan's Island"; "My Mother The Car"; "The Patty Duke Show"; "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" and "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show."
Charles Dubin
-Episode Three "The Queen And The Improbable Knight"
Charles Dubin has a long list of television directorial credits to his name.  His work begins in the early 1950s directing programs like "Tales of Tomorrow" and continues in the '60s with episodes of "The Big Valley"; "Tarzan"; "The Virginian" and "Room 222." Contemporary to "Supertrain" and the '70s Dubin directed episodes of "Kung Fu"; "Ironsides"; "Ellery Queen"; "Hawaii Five-O"; "The Man From Atlantis"; and "Roots: The Next Generations".  In the '80s, Dubin directed TV shows including "Too Close For Comfort"; "Jennifer Slept Here"; "Sledge Hammer!"; and "Matlock."
Barry Crane
-Episode Four "Hail To The Chief"
-Episode Six "Pirouette"
-Episode Nine "Where Have You Been Billy Boy"
The only director to have multiple "Supertrain" episodes to his credit, Barry Crane work frequently in television from the early '70s through the mid 1980s.  Crane's director credits include:  "Mannix"; "Mission: Impossible"; "The Streets of San Francisco"; "The Six Million Dollar Man"; "Harry O"; "Wonder Woman"; "The Bionic Woman"; "Fantastic Journey"; "Dallas"; "Galactica 1980"; "Flamingo Road"; "The Powers of Matthew Star" and "Trapper John M.D." among others.
David Moessinger
-Episode Five "Superstar"
Moessinger's TV directorial credits include work from the 1960s through the early 1990s.  He has directed episodes of "Combat"; "The Wild Wild West"; "Cannon"; "Alias Smith and Jones"; "Banacek"; "Quincy M.E."; "Police Woman"; "Jake and the Fat Man"; "Murder, She Wrote" and "In The Heat of the Night."
Dennis Donnelly
-Episode Seven "A Very Formal Heist"
Donnelly directed television shows beginning in the early '70s and concluding in the early '90s.  Among the programs that he directed episodes are:  "Adam-12"; "Emergency"; "Project UFO"; "The Man From Atlantis"; "Flying High"; "Dallas"; "California Fever"; "Barnaby Jones"; "Enos"; "Charlie's Angels"; "Hart To Hart"; "The A-Team"; "Hunter"; and "Falcon Crest."
Cliff Bole
-Episode Eight "The Green Girl"
Cliff Bole's TV directing credits include:  "Fantasy Island"; "The Fall Guy"; "Charlie's Angels"; "T.J. Hooker"; "V"; "Scarecrow and Mrs. King"; "Star Trek: The Next Generation"; "Baywatch"; and "The X-Files."